Paid Surveys – How Much Money Can I Earn From Doing Online Surveys?

Can doing paid surveys make cash income of $500 to $3500 monthly? The answer is definitely ‘NO‘ for  the majority of people doing surveys unless it is treated as a regular job and in a professional manner.

I have been doing online surveys for a long time. I have seen many advertisements claim some unrealistic earnings in a attempt to attract people to join them by a paying membership fee. What they provide is a survey panel list which can be obtained freely from the internet and more often, you will find some panel on their list that was out of business already.

Paid surveys are good sources of income if your goal is to earn some extra money to pay small bills like utilities. This type of work may be perfect if you are a shopper and like to spend time on reviewing products. However, it definitely cannot be used for the purpose of major income.

So, how much exactly can you earn? To be honest, spending part time hours each day doing surveys, the earnings can be around $10 to $150 per month. The reason is simple. Every survey has its own demographic target and it is simply impossible for you to meet the demographic requirements for all surveys received. For people who do not have full-time jobs they may potentially earn higher because they can participate phone interviews or focus groups study that cannot be done online. Phone interview or focus group usually pays above $50 while online survey pays around 75 cents to two dollars per survey. Accordingly anyone can figure out the possibility of earning a little more by doing simple math.

I hope I do not discourage your participation. After all, this is an income that does not require you to invest any money except your own time. Sometimes, you can get free stuff to try then keep it. I did get free paper towels, tissues cloth, dishcloth, 5 blade razor etc..! Also, if you like to spend a lot of time surfing the internet, then why not turn your surfing into money? That is exactly what I am doing. If you decide to take paid surveys, make sure you read the payment policy of each panel because some of them only offer sweepstake entries and most of them have payment thresholds.

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