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The first item I’d like to bring to your attention is the Site Lock badge of security on my website it was the first add on feature I invested in.

Since there is no purchase page quite frankly I made sure there are millions of products available not from greed but for convenience. If you purchase(or donate) something that cost $2.00 that will believe it or not fullfill what I set out to accomplish. Fret not for there is no purchase page meaning you can use this website as a resource of information.

A Donation button was added to help with cost of maintaining a free informational website. The Donation is handled completely by PayPal under my business name Bryan Wheels  (Bryauna Sales). You can donate as little as $2.00 or as much as you feel content. Any questions (like a tax deductible donation) can be handled by PayPal’s customer service. All veterans are encouraged to donate as well incl. USMC and millionaires or billionaires  oorah!!

There are over 200 million products available through this site for you to have a complete enjoyable experience, with no pressure to buy like with car salesmen and no pressure from your friends like at a mall to look cool and buy something you really don’t want or need.

Utilize the “One Stop Shopping” search box on the right side of each page. Type whatever item may interest you. From school supplies to auto supplies, boats, fur coats, healthcare items, toys,clothes,
shoes, furniture, appliances and computers. Also available are professional bulk items for machinist and lab technicians. Hi-Tech musical instruments, laptops, desktops, servers, phones, cellphones,
smartphones, led bulbs and DVD’s. Exquisite and fine diamond, gold and silver jewelry for fashion accessories.

It will take you weeks to look through all of the items. have a look at the Products page by clicking the tab on top of each page.Use the sort by feature to sort products from low to high or vice verse. Be sure to tell your friends about this website as well. This will allow me to keep a site like this online.

Any product from Amazon.com are also available in addition to the merchants and brands on the “Products Page”. just remember to think w/prudence of item before buying anything, be it online or offline and use the link from the visit store button. Thus enabling this website to receive credit for helping you connect to the  many high profile merchants and brands you love and trust. It also increases the chance of not only staying online but even more items will be added as well. How cool is that?

Have a good, safe, and wonderful experience and come back often. Bookmark this US veteran made website you’ll be glad you did.

By the way the paid survey at home review articles are a great way to learn how to make money online with surveys for any items you may want to purchase from this site or to pay your bills.They are mainly for information to give you an idea that cash from doing surveys is real.

As with any business you might find one closed or open and or they are not taking new researchers at the time. But there are plenty  of other research companies that are hiring or taking in new clients. To give you an idea I am currently signed up with eighteen different companies, all are free to join and some even credit your account w/them $5 once you register and  or complete your profiles.

I will make every attempt at keeping the articles up to date as possible and please excuse any typo’s you come across since i personally have to edit each article on this website.

Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the research company you apply to since each has different rules for participating in their how to make money online with surveys. For a example do they pay cash, prizes, gift cards or just sweepstakes entries? And whats the minimum  threshold before you can request a payment? Do they pay by check in the mail or PayPal? etc..

If you read each article through out this entire website I’m sure you will have a broader understanding of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to approach the highest paying survey sites with confidence. If you like consumer products those are available as well.

Browsing the entire site each day will make you more comfortable before making a purchase so twenty minutes a day should be a good starting point.

If the surveys are more interesting then I suggest you take several hours to read each article on each page and make notes on a notepad,then come back the following day and read each article again and compare your notes with what you feel will be useful then just to be safe read each article a third time.

So in three days you should be ready to start researching the research companies to find the ones that pay you enough to meet your current demands and try to make sure there is room for expansion for even more surveys when you want a little pay raise and extra time like on a weekend, then be sure to see if there is a minimum quota expected as well.

Don’t settle on the first survey company you come across either since the emails will be plenty from one company. Narrow your top three choices from a starting point of ten different companies.
What you like and don’t like of each company should be noted on a notepad in case you decide to work for another company later on. Then those notes will become useful instead of starting from scratch all over again. May your endeavors bring you prosperity.

In Loving Memory of the biggest inspirations
James Edward Mack & Ruth Evelyn Mack & Family